April 2, 2012

Dodge the Bullet by Christy Hayes

Dodge the Bullet
By: Christy Hayes

Todd Woodward has died.  She won't admit this to her sons, but the reason his widow Sarah decided to move them all to Colorado was so that she wouldn't have to be engulfed in his memories.  Of course, her eldest son wants nothing else than to stay home and remember his father through these memories.  But of course, the mom has the say, and she carts her two sons out to Hailey, Colorado to live at the ranch they own.

Because of a favor owed, A.J. Dodge gets sent out to Sarah's ranch to help her out because she knows nothing about the business.  Sparks fly between the two, but of course Sarah dismisses her feelings because she loved Todd too much.  And Dodge is holding himself back because of a certain event that occurred in the past.  An event that is the primary source of  the town's gossip.  And an event that he says he's at peace with, but really causes him to suffer from insomnia.

Considering their refusals to get involved in a relationship, a scheming Senator, two disagreeable yet kind-hearted teenage boys, and cattle, will Sarah and Dodge ever be able to get their relationship off the ground?

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