February 11, 2012

Legend By Marie Lu


Three heroes from two different worlds. The murder of one lies blame on another. His sister seeks revenge. The slum hero fights for his family. Their stories are one.

15-year-old June is the Republic's prodigy. But she has a weakness.

Her parents died when she was very little. The only person she can trust is her older brother, Mathias. But when he is murdered, her lifeline snaps. She puts all her remaining energy in hunting down his killer.

And 15-year-old Day is the prime suspect. He is the Most Wanted criminal of the Republic and the hero to the poor.

As June hunts him down, she comes closer to the truth than even she bargained for.

The enemy is never who it is believed to be. The enemy is always in your inner circle.

June and Day, so different, yet practically the same, must set the truth free. It is their job to find the answers.

It is their job to save the world.

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