January 15, 2012

Home By Morning By Alexis Harrington

Home By Morning

It's hard being a female physician in 1918.

Dr. Jessica Layton is returning to her hometown (Powell Springs, Oregon) after completing medical school and working for a while in New York City. After horrors witnessed and lives saved and lost, she has decided to take a job in Seattle, Washington that is a little less alarming. But along the way, she decided to stop in her hometown to visit her sister Amy.

At least she tells herself that Amy is the reason for her return. She won't let herself even fathom that it could be the fact that Cole Braddock still lives in Powell Springs. Unfortunately, she has a tumultuous past concerning Cole. And she certainly does not want to relieve any of her memories concerning him. At least that is what she trying to tell herself. It doesn't help that Cole is now courting her sister.

Nevertheless, Jessica finds herself stepping off a train in Powell Springs, Oregon. But only moments after arriving, her medical genius is needed. You see, her father was the town doctor, but he had died, and the town did not have a replacement yet. She tries to help Eddie Cookson when he faints in the middle of a parade. Shortly after she takes care of Eddie, she is called to the mayor's office. The mayor asks her if she would take up the position of town doctor until the new one arrives from Connecticut. She consents.

The problem is that her new living arrangements are right next to Cole Braddock's smithy. The other problem is that what happened to Eddie Cookson seems to be happening to the whole village as well. It seems as if very single person is infected.

The epidemic takes over the town and Jessica is working day and night to take care of the townspeople. She grows closer to certain town members, but rekindles hardships with others.

In this tale of passion, science, treachery, and the Spanish Flu, follow Dr. Jessica Layton in her quest to find who she really wants to be.

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