December 28, 2011

The Hourglass Door By Lisa Mangum

The Hourglass Door

Abigail Beatrice Edmunds' life was practically perfect.

Good grades, senior year in high school, cute boyfriend, college applications sent. Her life was the best it could be.

According to those around her. But did anyone ever ask her how she felt about her life?

Abigail, or Abby, as she preferred, was tired of being the girl everyone expected her to be. She was tired of the constants in her life because it seemed as if there were only constants and no spontaneity. She needed a way to escape the ruts her life had been steered into. She needed something unexpected.

Her salvation came in the form of a mysterious, secretive, and - if I may add - rather attractive foreign exchange student from Italy. His name: Dante Alexander.

Abby couldn't deny the fact that her life had just gotten very interesting. Her habitual boyfriend started doing impromptu things, but only because it was her eyes that Dante's seeking glances found, and because it was she who Dante reserved that small half-smile for.

Abby also couldn't deny that whenever Dante was around, she felt as if time forgot how to work. It seemed either to slow down, or speed up, or occasionally it seemed as if time had stopped all together. It didn't take Abby long to tie these time-warps to Dante's presence. Was it her growing attraction that made time distort, or was something else the cause?

It was obvious Dante was keeping secrets. From everyone. Including Abby, to whom he seemed to talk the most. No one was sure exactly who Dante was, but everyone knew that there was more to the Italian than what met the eye.

As Abby uncovered some of Dante's many precious secrets - secrets that he had kept hidden for centuries (yes, centuries) - Abby got a glimpse into the handsome Italian's tumultuous and dimension-traversing (not kidding) life.

Unfortunately there was a downside (isn't there always?) to Abby's reception of this information...she was now involved in the present, future, and even the past of Dante Alexander's crazy and incredibly difficult life. She was caught up in a whirlwind of realities, untamed time, ancient history, and the most important river in existence (although it does not exist in this dimension, but that's another story).

Can Abby help Dante in his possibly (more likely probably) doomed quest or will she just hinder him in his efforts to save the world? Well, I'm not gonna tell you. So go read the book.

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