December 28, 2011

The Hourglass Door By Lisa Mangum

The Hourglass Door

Abigail Beatrice Edmunds' life was practically perfect.

Good grades, senior year in high school, cute boyfriend, college applications sent. Her life was the best it could be.

According to those around her. But did anyone ever ask her how she felt about her life?

Abigail, or Abby, as she preferred, was tired of being the girl everyone expected her to be. She was tired of the constants in her life because it seemed as if there were only constants and no spontaneity. She needed a way to escape the ruts her life had been steered into. She needed something unexpected.

Her salvation came in the form of a mysterious, secretive, and - if I may add - rather attractive foreign exchange student from Italy. His name: Dante Alexander.

Abby couldn't deny the fact that her life had just gotten very interesting. Her habitual boyfriend started doing impromptu things, but only because it was her eyes that Dante's seeking glances found, and because it was she who Dante reserved that small half-smile for.

Abby also couldn't deny that whenever Dante was around, she felt as if time forgot how to work. It seemed either to slow down, or speed up, or occasionally it seemed as if time had stopped all together. It didn't take Abby long to tie these time-warps to Dante's presence. Was it her growing attraction that made time distort, or was something else the cause?

It was obvious Dante was keeping secrets. From everyone. Including Abby, to whom he seemed to talk the most. No one was sure exactly who Dante was, but everyone knew that there was more to the Italian than what met the eye.

As Abby uncovered some of Dante's many precious secrets - secrets that he had kept hidden for centuries (yes, centuries) - Abby got a glimpse into the handsome Italian's tumultuous and dimension-traversing (not kidding) life.

Unfortunately there was a downside (isn't there always?) to Abby's reception of this information...she was now involved in the present, future, and even the past of Dante Alexander's crazy and incredibly difficult life. She was caught up in a whirlwind of realities, untamed time, ancient history, and the most important river in existence (although it does not exist in this dimension, but that's another story).

Can Abby help Dante in his possibly (more likely probably) doomed quest or will she just hinder him in his efforts to save the world? Well, I'm not gonna tell you. So go read the book.

December 18, 2011

Fossil Fuels PSA

Hey everybody! For Language Arts, we all created Public Service Announcements. I did mine on fossil fuels and how we should switch to the use of alternative energy sources.

Here is the link:

December 10, 2011

The Iron Knight By Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight

A Prince of the Unseelie Court must never show emotion. It is a weakness. A vulnerability. To a cold Prince Ash, love is for fools and mortals. In this Court of ice and snow, letting down your mental blocks can kill. It is truly survival of the fittest.

Ash is a perfect example of the heartless fey of Winter. Betraying his siblings for their mother's favor. Murdering in cold blood. A Winter fey at its finest.

But then he falls in love. And his world goes crazy.

Ash becomes his love's Knight, sworn to protect her. There is only one problem. She is from the Iron Court and he the Winter. Ash could not survive in the Iron Realm. They could never be together. To save Ash's life, Megan Chase severs their bond.

But Ash can't live with that. As much as he dislikes it, the power of the Unseelie Court churns through his veins. He is determined, stubborn, and will die before he gives up hope of being with Megan.

The only way Ash will be able to live with Megan in the Iron Realm is if he becomes human. And there's only one way to do it. He must pass the Guardian's three tests at the End of The World.

He sets off for this faraway place with the unwelcome companionship of his best friend turned enemy. Puck the Trickster King. This summer fey and Ash used to be inseparable. But when Puck (accidentally) caused the death of their closest friend, Ash vowed to kill him. That vow still stands, but nonetheless Puck and Ash set out together for the End of the World.

Along the way, they encounter many disasters and adventures. They gain uncertain allies and certainly make enemies. The biggest surprise of all threatens to end Puck's days forever.

Throughout the book, Ash and Puck (and their companions) realize that bravery isn't the most important thing in life and that friendship and love must prevail.

December 2, 2011

Borderline By Allan Stratton


Sami Sabiri's life has always been hard.

Ever since he was little, he has been chastised and made fun of. He wants to be normal. He wants to fit in.

But being the only American Muslim at his private high school is hard while enduring the pain of bullies who are constantly tormenting him. What's worse is that he doesn't exactly see eye to eye with his father. When he finds out that his father lied to him, he becomes suspicious.

So does the FBI. Suddenly Sami's father is in jail as an alleged terrorist.

Sami's life becomes a whirlwind of news reporters, cameras, and insulting and derogative phone calls. Despite his father's dishonesty, Sami still believes that he is innocent. Sami sets out on a journey with his two best friends to uncover the truth.

Is the truth what the media says it is? Is his father a terrorist after all?

Join Sami and his two friends, Andy and Marty, in this expedition for truth. After all, answers can be found in the most unlikely of places.