November 2, 2011

Song Quest By Katherine Roberts

Song Quest

Rialle is a novice. She is in training to become a Singer. And when you're a Singer, you make people dream. You make them laugh. And cry. You can make them scared. And you can also make them die. Using just five songs, the Singers of Echoing Isle give therapy to souls in need.

They make people forget their problems with Challa; They make people laugh and become happy using Kashe; They make people cry to show their fear and anger with Shi; They scare with Aushan; and when their cases are hopeless, they close the doors of the mind with Yehn.

When storms constantly ravage the island, the Singers believe it to be the work of the gentle but forgetful Half Creatures known as Merlee. First Singer Eliya sends Rialle and a few others on a boat into the sea to try to figure out what is going on with the Merlee.

What the Singers find out is shocking. The Merlee are being hunted. They are scared and they are protecting themselves by creating storms through which no ship will ever pass. It is Rialle's job to understand the Merlee's predicament and (she believes) that is also her duty to right this wrong.

Meanwhile, rebel Singer Kherron leaves Echoing Isle and heads for the mainland. Kherron wants answers and explanations. He as absolutely no idea what he is getting himself into.

He knows he will be punished if he ever returns to the Isle. Yet he knows he will never regret this decision.

During their journeys, Rialle and Kherron discover and unearth many twists and turns in this plot. Their journeys are separate but intertwined, and if this puzzle will ever be solved and if this problem is ever to be fixed, then we will need both Rialle and Kherron's knowledge to figure it out.

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