November 20, 2011

Icecore By Matt Whyman


Carl Hobbes is no criminal.

At least not in his mind. Come on! He only penetrated the high security vault at Fort Knox! What's more, he was in the comfort of his own bedroom. Carl Hobbes is a computer hacker. But he just does it for fun.

He didn't actually want someone to steal from Fort Knox! The only problem is that the government won't believe the truth. Deep in his heart he knows that, but he still holds onto the shred of hope that maybe they will listen to him and in turn, boost their security. Then let him go.

He was supposed to fly into Alaska to be asked a few friendly questions. He was supposed to fly out immediately after with no charges on his criminal record. But what he got was no breathing room in a plane that was about to fall apart while being crammed in with the nation's most wanted. He was then shut in a cage in a transformed fish cannery in the middle of the Arctic circle. His life is quickly deteriorating.

Will the government believe his story? Will he even survive this frozen wasteland?

This book had a good plot idea, but the beginning was really boring. It wasn't interesting and the pace was like molasses. It started to get better, but by then I was already 1/2 to 3/4 finished with the book, and thought that I should just finish it. In many places it was predictable, but there were a couple times when I was shocked at what took place.

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