November 6, 2011

Divergent By Veronica Roth


Beatrice has always struggled in the simple and considerate society of Abnegation.

When the children of the Factions turn 16, they each go through a test to determine which Faction they belong in as an adult. These tests do not determine their adulthood, however. The children have the final say in the course their lives will take. The five Factions are:

Abnegation - The selfless

Amity - The peaceful

Candor - The honest

Dauntless - The brave

Erudite - The intelligent and knowledge seeking

These tests determine the Faction that best suits the person, but in the end, the person gets to pick their Faction. Many choose to stay in the Faction they were born into, but many choose other Factions as well. Usually the tests clearly point to a specific Faction, but Beatrice's case was different. Her tests pointed to three different Factions. People who show these characteristics are known as Divergent. This was a rare occurrence, and the people of the Factions that do know about it keep it hushed up. Beatrice knows nothing about this predicament except that she must tell no one for people of her condition tend to be killed.

She ends up choosing Dauntless rather than staying in Abnegation, because she never could be 100% selfless. She tried and tried, but she could never be like the rest of her family. Her new life as an initiate in Dauntless is going well. She chose a new name for herself as a symbol of a new life and new beginnings. Tris. An abbreviation for Beatrice. She is the same, just modified. She is making new friends, and romance is right around the corner. But no one knows she is Divergent. She hopes. She can't hide the feeling that someone will find out and put an end to her days.

Can Tris trust her friends? Can she trust her feelings and her instincts?

Will being Divergent save the human race, or will it destroy the world as they know it?

Tris needs allies and miracles, but she doesn't know who will stand with her. Or who it is that is plotting to destroy her.

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