October 9, 2011

The Warlock By Michael Scott

The Warlock

The fifth installment in this action packed and page turning series was astounding!! Michael Scott made my mind ache! A group of immortals that includes Dr. John Dee, Billy the Kid and Niccolo Machiavelli are on the island known as Alcatraz, and they are preparing to lose thousands of hideous and carnivorous monsters (that have been cooped up in its cells for millennium) onto the city of San Francisco so the city will crumble, their Elder masters will come to "save the day" and they will be worshipped by humans for eternity.

Meanwhile in the city, Sophie Newman desperately wishes that her twin brother, Josh, chose to side with her and the Flamels. No matter what has happened in her life, she could always rely on her twin brother. They had trusted each other. Now Josh has chosen a side. A different side than she. Who can Sophie really trust? Will she ever get her brother back?

Scathatch, Joan of Arc, Palamedes, Saint Germain, and Will Shakespeare are all trapped on the ancient and past Shadowrealm of Danu Talis, known in our world as Atlantis. This magnificent island has not sunk yet, but in order for these character's lives to be what they are in the present, it will have to be destroyed. This task is becoming increasingly difficult for the travelers as more enemies pile on, friends and relatives from the past offer help (not knowing that their niece is the one seeking aid), and there is no way they can connect with their allies in the future.

This is not the last book in the Nicholas Flamel series and I believe that all the unanswered questions that have formed in this book will be answered in the next. A nail biter and page turner, this book will have you glued to the text like never before.