October 2, 2011

Jonathan Livingston Seagull By Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

First of all, my mom has been bugging me to read this book for years, and I finally have. Jonathan Livingston Seagull always wanted to know more. He didn't care about food, or fighting, or standing around on beaches. He cared about flying. He flew night and day. While other seagulls fought for soggy bread scraps, he was teaching himself how to dive into the water and catch fish that resided ten feet under. He taught himself how to fly using as little energy as possible and how to dive from extremely high altitudes and pull out successfully. When Jon proudly displayed his talents to the Flock, he was met with scorn and disbelief and was labeled Outcast. For the rest of his life, he learned alone. He learned as much possible about flight and to what extent a seagull's body can fly.

When it was time for Jonathan to pass on, he was escorted up through the clouds and higher still by two golden gulls to Heaven. There, he was taught wonders by a gull named Sullivan. He learned that a being is always everywhere and everywhen, and a gull just has to visualize his location and they will be there. While in heaven, though Jonathan was constantly learning, he loved his Flock on Earth, and wished he could return to teach them what he knew.

Jonathan returned to Earth, and found that a few young birds shared his dream of being forever in flight. He gathered them into a group and tried to teach them what he knew. Little by little, the birds learned the truth about their existence. As Jonathan Seagull taught, birds learned. As birds learned, more and more were eager to know. Gradually, all the seagulls in the Flock came to catch him teach every day. After a while, Jonathan had to return to Heaven. His best student, Fletcher, was given the task of carrying on Jonathan's mission. A mission to encourage seagulls to strive for the unknown and embrace knowledge with happiness and a never ending yearning to learn more.

In this book, Jonathan was ostracized for thinking differently than his fellow seagulls. While in Heaven, Jonathan lived with gulls that shared his passion. When he returned to Earth, he was able to share his knowledge and enlighten the very gulls who had mistreated him before. This goes to show that everyone can learn from people who think differently than they do. If people don't agree, it doesn't mean that they are wrong. Listen to others. We can learn so much.


  1. Wow, Tillie! That book description was very well written! That book sounds really good- I love the idea of the golden gulls bringing him to Heaven after he died! That's sweet! Where do you think I could get this book?

  2. I don't know where you can get it....it is pretty short and I think it is old too, but if you can't find it, you can borrow my copy!!!