October 24, 2011

Everlost By Neal Shusterman


It all started with a piece of metal.

Lying in the road. The Mercedes ran over the metal, and the driver lost control. Attempting to weave in and out of oncoming traffic, the car crashed into a white Toyota headed the other way.

"The crash of splintering glass became the sound of a rushing wind, and the world went very dark...there was a point of light at the end of the tunnel, getting larger and brighter as they got closer, and there came a feeling in their hearts of calm amazement they could not describe."

-Everlost, page 4

Nick and Allie wake up in Everlost to find a grinning and terribly freckly young lad bouncing around wearing weird clothes and saying things they do not understand. Soon both realize (with the help of the young boy, whom Allie names Lief) that they are in fact dead. They are, essentially, ghosts. Or, Afterlights.

Nick and Allie set off, and soon experience strange incidents that render them (especially Allie) suspicious. There are no adults in Everlost. The kids they do find seem to be doing the same things over and over again. They've gotten stuck in ruts.

Allie suspects that Mary Hightower, the leader and "queen" of a large group of Afterlights living in the ghosts of the twin towers is hiding information. Allie seeks Nick's help, but he seems to be falling for Mary and refuses to help her until she tells him about these newly discovered "ruts".

Is Mary who she says she is? Can they trust her? Who can they trust? Is there a destination beyond Everlost?

How will they get all the answers they seek?

Discover the answers to these and many more questions along with Allie, Nick, Lief, and Mary.
This book has fairly good pace, but some parts are predictable. In all, it is a pretty good read, and worth "checking out"!!!
(Pun intended.... :D)

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